The Importance of Non-Toxic Cosmetics

The lovegrove Journal

We don't need toxic cosmetics.

There are many reasons why non-toxic cosmetics are important. One reason is to combat the harsh effects of free radicals & other factors in our environments. Another reason is because many ingredients used in cosmetics in the U.S. are toxic in their natural state and/or are phototoxic, which can cause health issues. 


Pollution (especially urban pollution) causes health issues like respiratory conditions and major skin problems like cancer, aging & irritation, etc. Toxic gases & particulate matter can attach to the skin and even penetrate it. When this happens, free radicals are produced inside of the skin layers. For these reasons, non-toxic skin-care is extremely important to help prevent and minimize the effects free-radicals have on the body. Other extrinsic factors that affect the skin are smoke, temperature, and humidity. Active ingredients that have anti-pollutant properties can help the body fight against these harmful things. Some of these active ingredients include, but are not limited to, Vitamin A & Vitamin C derivatives, some plant-based products, and carbohydrates. 


There are only 11 toxic ingredients banned in the U.S, and the rest have been unregulated. That means that businesses have been able to use thousands of harsh, toxic ingredients that other countries restrict or ban. Some of the toxic ingredients found in cosmetics have been linked to health issues like reproductive harm, cancer, neurological issues, and delays in development. They can also cause burns, infections, & weaken the immune system. 


There are many cosmetics that contain phototoxic chemicals, which can cause oxidative stress and DNA damage to the skin. Phototoxicity occurs when certain chemicals are exposed to sunlight. In addition, many sunscreen formulations are guilty of not providing much protection against UV rays and having toxic affects. It is important to reduce the use of these products for your skin health. 


Many manufactured cosmetics are unregulated, especially in the US. Fortunately, there are many brands that are aware of this and are trying to eliminate as many toxins as possible. 

The skin is the largest organ humans have, and it needs to be protected. Cosmetic studies are very limited, so we need to demand more non-biased studies on them. We only need cosmetics that strengthen our defenses because our bodies matter too.