Be Cautious When Choosing Cleaning Products


The American Lung Association warns about the harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products, including products that are advertised as “GREEN” & “ALL NATURAL”. Some products also release dangerous volatile organic compounds. These harmful chemicals can irritate the eyes, the throat & the skin, as well as travel through the bloodstream & harm your organs. 
The ALA recommends reading all products labels, cleaning in well ventilated spaces & staying away from air fresheners altogether. It is also recommend to wear gloves when cleaning.
 Some natural ingredients, especially in air fresheners, can react with high levels of ozone & form carcinogens & dangerous particles. 
We choose brands that keep this information in mind to help you choose safe cleaning brands because there aren’t many. 
*Disclaimer: This information is for informational purposes only, and it is not intended to treat or cure any illnesses or diseases. Please contact a medical professional for medical advise or needs, or call 911 if it is an emergency. 


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