Why Holistic, Non-Toxic Dental-Care is a Healthier Choice

The Lovegrove journal

Holistic dentists provide natural treatments because they understand that non-toxic treatments are safer for the body. They also understand that everything in the body is connected. When a symptom arises, holistic dentists treat the symptom and address possible underlying issues to help patients manage their overall health. 


Holistic dentists use non-toxic resin, treatment materials that have 100% biocompatibility with human bodies, metal and mercury free fillings and crowns, and composite fillings.



Dental hygiene:

When it comes to dental hygiene, fluoride is the most popular choice to maintain healthy teeth. Fluoride is a trace mineral that is said to help prevent tooth decay. Holistic dentists tend to stay away from fluoride because it is poisonous for humans in large amounts. The lining of the mouth is highly absorbent, so fluoride may be absorbed and reach the bloodstream. Fluoride also accumulates in the body when it is absorbed, which is hazardous to human health. 


Herbal tooth powder, baking soda and coconut oil are wonderful alternatives to fluoride. Also, it is important to floss and brush thoroughly because it helps prevent tooth decay. 


Dental fillings:

Mercury is a liquid metal that is very toxic. About half of the United States dentists still use liquid mercury combined with powdered copper, tin and silver alloy, for dental amalgam fillings (aka silver fillings). They are probably still used because they are some of the cheapest materials to use for fillings.  Mercury is bio-accumulative, and the vapors that are released from these fillings can build-up in body tissues and fluids. These harmful vapors are released when fillings are removed and are known to cause kidney damage. The vapors may also be released when someone chews hot foods, brushes their teeth,  or has these silver fillings installed.

Some composite fillings can also be toxic if BPA or Bis-GMA is released into the body. 


Safer alternatives for mercury fillings are porcelain and some composite fillings. 



Holistic alternatives:

Other holistic alternatives for traditional dental-care include: tongue scraping, oral probiotics, and green tea. 


Tongue Scraping– Tongue scraping is believed to remove toxins and dead bacteria from the mouth and improve bad breath. 


Oral Probiotics– Oral probiotics help restore balance to the microbiome in the mouth. These probiotics can help prevent cavities, protect from gum disease, and fight bad breath. 


Green Tea– The polyphenols in green tea can fight plaque-causing bacteria. Green tea (sugar free) can also fight bad breath, fight gum disease, soothe sensitive teeth, prevent cavities, and control the growth of oral cancer. 







Fun Fact:
The toxicity of mercury has been known for over 2,000 years.